Leaf Earrings made with Vitreous Enamel and Sterling Silver, Nature Inspired Dangles

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Leaf Enamel Earrings
My modern sketch earrings combine sterling silver and vibrant vitreous enamel with custom enamel screen prints in abstract geometric designs. Contemporary, wearable, and utterly unique!

These earrings are shipped on solid sterling silver french ear wires.

This design features stylized leaves on a blue background.

Sterling silver pieces are hand-cast in California from original wax models and filled with 3 layers of vitreous enamel in the time-honored champleve process. Enamels are kiln-fired at 1500F. Last, the screen prints are applied and kiln-fired as well for a durable glossy finish.

Each item comes in a cute box ready for gift giving, without a receipt. If you'd like to include a gift message, let me know at checkout.

Items are shipped USPS First Class. Shipping upgrades available at checkout. 

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